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University of Massachusetts Medical School (Alumni MMPC)

Description Tests for insulin resistance, glucose metabolism, insulin secretion, energy
balance, obesity, and serum/tissue factors of diabetes.
Director / Email Jason Kim, Ph.D. -
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Grant Number DK093000
RRID SCR_015366 (Cite This)

Center Cores:

 Center CoreCore DescriptionRRID

Center: University of Massachusetts Medical School; Director: Jason Kim, Ph.D.

 Metabolism Coreperforms elegant, physiological, and non-invasive metabolic experiments to assess insulin sensitivity hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp & GTT/ITT), glucose/lipid/protein metabolism using labeled metabolites, body composition using 1H-MRS, energy balance (food/water intake, energy expenditure, physical activity) at varying temperature and light/dark cycle using TSE Metabolic Cage System with Environmental Chamber, and exercise capacity using treadmill in mice. The Core also conducts comprehensive drug trial studies for PK/PD, efficacy, and toxicity analysis with academic and pharmaceutical institutions.SCR_015369
 Analytical CoreThe Analytical Core utilizes Luminex, Cobas Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, and molecular experiments to perform a high-throughput, multiplexed analysis of serum/tissue/urine levels of hormones, cytokines, chemokines, electrolytes, and metabolites, liver/kidney/thyroid function panels, and metabolic/inflammatory signaling pathways. Samples can be directly sent to the Core or obtained from mice by the Core.SCR_015365
 Animal Care CoreThe Animal Core is the gateway to all Phenotyping Cores involving mice for phenotyping services, and the principal functions are: 1) Provision of high quality animal housing, husbandry, and health care by veterinarians and staff, 2) Processing of animal acquisition, quarantine, and health testing in preparation for phenotyping studies, 3) Coordination of standard quarantine screening (5 weeks) and accelerated quarantine screening (3 weeks) involving microbiological testing, 4) Transfer of mice between different Phenotyping Cores, and 5) Provision of special diet and animal procedures.SCR_015368
 Islet CoreThe Islet Core conducts sophisticated in vivo, ex vivo, and in vitro analysis of insulin secretion, islet function/structure, and pancreatic function using hyperglycemic clamp, perifusion, and molecular experiments in mice. The Core also performs histological and morphological analysis with islet isolation.SCR_015370
 Cardiovascular Coreapplies state-of-the-art high-frequency and high-resolution digital imaging platform with color Doppler mode (VisualSonics Vevo2100) to perform 2-D and M-mode echocardiography to non-invasively assess cardiac function and structure in mice. The Core also measures ECG/blood pressure and vascular/endothelial function, and conducts elegant micro-surgery procedures to generate mouse models of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases.SCR_015375
 Humanized MouseThe Humanized Mouse Cell Transplantation and Assessment Core provides “humanized” mice that enable clinically relevant in vivo studies of human cells, tissues, and immune system without putting patients at risk. Humanized mice are immunodeficient mice engrafted with functional human cells and tissues and importantly address the scientific gap between human and mouse biology. The Core also provides expert in vivo functional analysis of transplanted human islets and stem cell-derived b-cells in immunodeficient mice that are highly valuable to the mouse research community.SCR_015372
 Microbiome CoreMicrobiome Core provides expert knowledge and metagenomics 16S rRNA NextGen sequencing tools for state-of-the-art analysis of gut microbiota to investigate their role in altered energy balance and metabolism in mice. The Core also offers Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) and antibiotic treatment procedures to facilitate alterations in gut microbiota population. 


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