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C57BL/6J mice on HFD treated w/ STZ / MEFUOM1115
Summary Data Summary
Investigator Feldman, Eva
Description mice fed HFD model the metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes
mice fed HFD and treated w/ STZ model type 1 and type 2 diabetes

HFD+STZ mice display marked hyperglycemia

Applicable research area(s): Diabetes, Obesity
Status Completed
Public Release 2/15/2018
Animal Age Measured In: week(s) post-natal (w)
Flags has-data-flagSame StrainExperiment Description
Data Analysis
Experimental Conditions5
Catalog Items3
Curation Info (# flags)2
Phenotype Assays8
Phenotype Measurements240
Histology Images0


Strain NameCommon NameFemalesMalesUnknown

Experimental Conditions
Experimental Groupone of [Control, Control-Het, ...]
Fast Durationhour (hr)
Feeding Groupone of [Fasted, Fed, ...]
IP STZ dosemilligrams per kilogram (mg/kg)
Mouse Dietone of [3mAIN76(HF0.18), 3mAIN76(HF0.18)early, ...]

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Mammalian Phenotype (MP) Terms

MPTermIDMPTermNameDefinitionOther Results
MP:0000182increased circulating LDL cholesterol level
greater amount in the blood of the lipoprotein:cholesterol complex that transports cholesterol out of the arteries and around the body| for use by various tissues in normal bodily functions [MGI:csmith]
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MP:0001556increased circulating HDL cholesterol level
higher amount in the blood of the small lipoprotein:cholesterol complex that transports cholesterol out of the arteries and to the liver for reprocessing or excretion [MGI:csmith]
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MP:0002644decreased circulating triglyceride level
reduced concentration of naturally occurring esters of three fatty acids and glycerol in the blood; triglycerides are widespread in adipose tissue| commonly circulate in the blood in the form of lipoproteins| and are involved in the process of bidirectional transference of adipose fat and blood glucose with the liver [MGI:csmith]
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MP:0005146decreased circulating VLDL cholesterol level
reduced amount in the blood of the lipoprotein:cholesterol complex that transports triglycerides from the intestine and liver to muscle and adipose tissue [MGI:csmith]
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MP:0005178increased circulating cholesterol level
greater than the normal amount in the blood of the principal sterol of vertebrates and the precursor of many steroids| including bile acids and steroid hormones; it is a component of the plasma membrane lipid bilayer and of plasma lipoproteins and can be found in all animal tissues [MGI:csmith]
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