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Evaluate the effect of material DDT exposure on response to the ß3 adrenoceptor
agonist, CL 316,243.
Summary Data Summary
Investigator La Merrill, Michele
Description While less of a problem in the USA, exposure to the pesticide
4,4'-dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) due to environmental contamination
and in regions where DDT continues to be used extensively for malaria control,
or were born prior to its ban elsewhere is still a major health concern. The
goal of this study is to understand the possible contribution of DDT to
metabolic syndrome.

Female C57BL/6J mice (15) whose mothers were treated with either Vehicle (oil)
or DDT (1.7mg/kg, po,14 days) had energy expenditure by high resolution indirect
calorimetry while subjected an injection of PBS or CL 316,243 (1mg/kg,IP).

Applicable research area(s): Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism
Status Completed
Public Release 8/30/2019
Animal Age Measured In: week(s) post-natal (w)
Flags has-data-flagSame StrainAnimal Count
Data Analysis
Experimental Conditions8
Catalog Items1
Curation Info (# flags)2
Phenotype Assays4
Phenotype Measurements82800
Histology Images0

Strain NameCommon NameFemalesMalesUnknown

Experimental Factors
 Categorical Values
Name / AbbreviationDescription

Experimental Factor: Drug Administered

 CL 316,243
A highly selective ß3 adrenoceptor agonist that has been shown to cause increases in brown adipose tissue thermogenesis and metabolic rate as well as decreases in blood insulin and glucose levels.
Phosphate-buffered saline is a buffer salt solution containing disodium hydrogen phosphate and sodium chloride.

Experimental Factor: Drug Delivery Route

The drug was delivered intraperitoneal.

Experimental Factor: Drug Dose Units

milligrams per kilogram

Experimental Factor: Drug Experimental Group

 Mother injected with DDT
The mother of this animal was injected with DDT
 Mother injected with Oil
The mother of this animal was injected with oil

Experimental Factor: Experimental Group

This animal belongs to the control group for the experiment.
This animal belongs to experimental group that is homozygous for gene manipulations.
Experimental Factor Values

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