Summary Data Summary
Official Name C57BL/6-Sirt4tm1Fwa
Common Name C57BL/6-Sirt4tm1Fwa
Description Exons 1 through 3 were replaced with a lacZ gene inserted
in-frame after the first 21 bp of exon 1. The absence of
protein product was confirmed by western blot analysis on
brain, pancreas and liver extracts.

Sirt4 KO mice have defects in fatty acid oxidation and
insulin secretion. We use this model to study type 2
diabetes and obesity.
Development Status Characterizing multiple lines
Creation Method knockout
Phenotype Description Sirt4 KO mice weigh less than wildtype mice and have
increased fatty acid oxidation and enhanced
glucose-stimulated insulin secretion.
Investigators 1
Genomics - Modifications 1
Experiments 2
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Matthew HirscheyDuke University Medical Center

Genomic Information
GeneAllele 1Allele 2Protocol
Sirt4knockoutknockoutNot Specified