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Welcome to the National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers

The MMPC is a National Institutes of Health-sponsored resource that provides experimental testing services to scientists studying diabetes, obesity, diabetic complications, and other metabolic diseases in mice.
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In order to streamline the order process, the MMPC’s have now adopted an electronic Conditions of Use statement
procedure to replace the Materials and Transfer Agreement paper process
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New Publications

High fat diet blunts stress-induced hypophagia and activation of Glp1r dorsal lateral septum neurons in male but not in female mice.
Authors: Bales MB, Centanni SW, Luchsinger JR, Fathi P, Biddinger JE, Le TDV, Nwaba KG, Paldrmic IM, Winder DG, Ayala JE
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The mitochondrial NAD kinase functions as a major metabolic regulator upon increased energy demand.
Authors: Kim H, Fu Z, Yang Z, Song Z, Shamsa EH, Yumnamcha T, Sun S, Liu W, Ibrahim AS, Qi NR, Zhang R, Zhang K
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Short-Chain Fatty Acid Receptors and Blood Pressure Regulation: Council on Hypertension Mid-Career Award for Research Excellence 2021.
Authors: Xu J, Moore BN, Pluznick JL
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Integration of Multiple, Diverse Methods to Identify Biologically Significant Marker Genes.
Authors: Chaney CP, Drake KA, Carroll TJ
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Human iPSC-derived cerebral organoids model features of Leigh syndrome and reveal abnormal corticogenesis.
Authors: Romero-Morales AI, Robertson GL, Rastogi A, Rasmussen ML, Temuri H, McElroy GS, Chakrabarty RP, Hsu L, Almonacid PM, Millis BA, Chandel NS, Cartailler JP, Gama V
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