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Welcome to the National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers

MMPC-Live is a National Institutes of Health-sponsored resource that provides subsidized experimental testing services on living mice to scientists studying diabetes, obesity, diabetic complications, and other metabolic diseases.
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Metabolism and Metabolomics 

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In order to streamline the order process, the MMPC's have now adopted an electronic Conditions of Use statement
procedure to replace the Materials and Transfer Agreement paper process
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New Publications

Spatial-Temporal Oxygenation Mapping Using a Near-Infrared Optical Scanner: Towards Peripheral Vascular Imaging.
Authors: Leiva K, Leizaola D, Gonzalez I, Dargam V, Alirezaei H, Kaile K, Robledo E, Hutcheson J, Godavarty A
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Sexual Dimorphism of the Mouse Plasma Metabolome Is Associated with Phenotypes of 30 Gene Knockout Lines.
Authors: Zhang Y, Barupal DK, Fan S, Gao B, Zhu C, Flenniken AM, McKerlie C, Nutter LMJ, Lloyd KCK, Fiehn O
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Species-specific roles for the MAFA and MAFB transcription factors in regulating islet ß cell identity.
Authors: Cha J, Tong X, Walker EM, Dahan T, Cochrane VA, Ashe S, Russell R, Osipovich AB, Mawla AM, Guo M, Liu JH, Loyd ZA, Huising MO, Magnuson MA, Hebrok M, Dor Y, Stein R
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Dietary interventions improve diabetic kidney disease, but not peripheral neuropathy, in a db/db mouse model of type 2 diabetes.
Authors: Eid SA, O'Brien PD, Kretzler KH, Jang DG, Mendelson FE, Hayes JM, Carter A, Zhang H, Pennathur S, Brosius FC, Koubek EJ, Feldman EL
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Extracellular matrix remodelling in obesity and metabolic disorders.
Authors: Musale V, Wasserman DH, Kang L
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