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The following protocols are used by the MMPC. Click the title for details, or download the protocol in PDF format (if available).

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UC Davis - Acquisition, Acclimation, QuarantineDownload pdf
UC Davis - High fat diet feedingDownload pdf
UC Davis - Husbandry Care for MiceDownload pdf
UC Davis - Mouse Model CreationDownload pdf
UC Davis - Receipt of Vendor and Courier MiceDownload pdf

Diabetes Induction
Low-Dose Streptozotocin Induction Protocol (mouse)Download pdf
U Mass - STZ-induced type 1 diabetes modelDownload pdf

Isolation of rodent eyes for analysis of diabetic retinopathyDownload pdf
Removal and Preservation of the Urinary BladderDownload pdf

En face preparation and quantification of aortic surface area covered by atherosclerotic lesionsDownload pdf
Mouse dissection and preparation of heart (aortic sinus) and brachiocephalic artery for lesion quantitation by sectioningDownload pdf
U Michigan - CryoembeddingDownload pdf

Phenotype Assay
Case - Citric Acid Cycle and Related IntermediatesDownload pdf
Case - Glycerol and Glucose Assays by GC-mass spectrometryDownload pdf
Case - Heavy Water Assays by GC-mass spectrometryDownload pdf
Case - Intraperitoneal Glucose Tolerance TestDownload pdf
Case - Intraperitoneal Insulin Tolerance TestDownload pdf
Case - Lipid Analysis Assay by GC-mass spectrometryDownload pdf
Case - Measurement of Food Consumption and Body WeightDownload pdf
Case - Plasma Insulin Measurement by ELISADownload pdf
Conscious Cystometry Bladder Function TestingDownload pdf
Echocardiography: MouseDownload pdf
Evaluation of Mitochondrial FunctionDownload pdf
Glucose uptake in isolated cardiomyocytes.Download pdf
Lipid Profiles in MiceDownload pdf
Measurement of Left Ventricular Performance in Langendorff Perfused Mouse HeartsDownload pdf
Phenotypic Characterization of the Working HeartDownload pdf
Podocyte Counting And Density AnalysisDownload pdf
U Cinn - Body Composition & Carcass AnalysisDownload pdf
U Cinn - Cholesterol ConcentrationDownload pdf
U Cinn - Energy Expenditure MeasurementsDownload pdf
U Cinn - Meal Pattern Analysis Food Intake ProcedureDownload pdf
U Cinn - NEFA ConcentrationDownload pdf
U Cinn - Non-invasive Measurement of Intestinal Fat AbsorptionDownload pdf
U Cinn - Phospholipids AssayDownload pdf
U Cinn - Triglyceride AssayDownload pdf
U Mass - Acute lipid infusionDownload pdf
U Mass - AdiponectinDownload pdf
U Mass - Alanine TransferaseDownload pdf
U Mass - AlbuminDownload pdf
U Mass - Alkaline PhosphataseDownload pdf
U Mass - AmmoniaDownload pdf
U Mass - AmylaseDownload pdf
U Mass - Aspartate TransferaseDownload pdf
U Mass - Basal glucose metabolismDownload pdf
U Mass - BilirubinDownload pdf
U Mass - Body composition (organs)Download pdf
U Mass - Body composition (whole body)Download pdf
U Mass - C-PeptideDownload pdf
U Mass - C-reactive PeptideDownload pdf
U Mass - Cholesterol (HDL)Download pdf
U Mass - Cholesterol (LDL)Download pdf
U Mass - Cholesterol (Total)Download pdf
U Mass - Chronic drug deliveryDownload pdf
U Mass - Chronic high-fat feedingDownload pdf
U Mass - Chronic/acute phloridzin treatmentDownload pdf
U Mass - Creatine KinaseDownload pdf
U Mass - CreatinineDownload pdf
U Mass - Cytokines Panel I - multiplexDownload pdf
U Mass - Cytokines Panel II - multiplexDownload pdf
U Mass - Cytokines Panel III - multiplexDownload pdf
U Mass - ElectrolytesDownload pdf
U Mass - Energy balance – food intake, energy expenditure, physical activityDownload pdf
U Mass - Exercise modelDownload pdf
U Mass - Gamma-glutamyl TransferaseDownload pdf
U Mass - GlucagonDownload pdf
U Mass - GlucoseDownload pdf
U Mass - Glucose Tolerance TestDownload pdf
U Mass - Glucose Tolerance Test with insulin secretionDownload pdf
U Mass - Hemoglobin A1cDownload pdf
U Mass - Hepatic gluconeogenesisDownload pdf
U Mass - Hyperglycemic clampDownload pdf
U Mass - Hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clampDownload pdf
U Mass - InsulinDownload pdf
U Mass - Insulin clearanceDownload pdf
U Mass - Insulin tolerance testDownload pdf
U Mass - Lactate dehydrogenaseDownload pdf
U Mass - LeptinDownload pdf
U Mass - LipaseDownload pdf
U Mass - Lipid metabolismDownload pdf
U Mass - Non-esterified fatty acidsDownload pdf
U Mass - Organ-specific glucose uptakeDownload pdf
U Mass - Protein metabolismDownload pdf
U Mass - ResistinDownload pdf
U Mass - Surgery – carotid artery cannulationDownload pdf
U Mass - Surgery – jugular vein cannulationDownload pdf
U Mass - Surgery – tail vein injectionDownload pdf
U Mass - Total proteinDownload pdf
U Mass - TriglycerideDownload pdf
U Mass - Urea/BUNDownload pdf
U Mass - Uric AcidDownload pdf
U Mass -LactateDownload pdf
U Michigan - DNA Extraction for Illumina 16S rRNA ExtractionDownload pdf
U Michigan - Glomerular Filtration Rate determination with minipump inulin clearanceDownload pdf
U Michigan - Hind Paw Withdrawal for RodentsDownload pdf
U Michigan - Illumina 16S rRNA gene sequencing using DNADownload pdf
U Michigan - Intra-Epidermal fiber DensityDownload pdf
U Michigan - Mesangial matrix evalutaionDownload pdf
U Michigan - Nerve Conduction VelocityDownload pdf
U Michigan - Optokinetic Measurements of Visual Acuity and Contrast SensitivityDownload pdf
U Michigan - Retinal Cell DeathDownload pdf
U Michigan - Retinal Microstructure Imaging OCTDownload pdf
U Michigan - Retinal Vascular PermeabilityDownload pdf
U Michigan - Spot urine collectionDownload pdf
U Michigan - Tail cuff Blood Pressure determinationDownload pdf
U Michigan - Thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS)Download pdf
UC Davis - Leptin Signaling pathwayDownload pdf
UC Davis - AdiposityDownload pdf
UC Davis - Alanine transaminaseDownload pdf
UC Davis - Aspartate AminotransferaseDownload pdf
UC Davis - Atheroma QuantificationDownload pdf
UC Davis - Basic Adipocyte Culture ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Blood Pressure by Tail CuffDownload pdf
UC Davis - Blood Pressure/Heart Rate by telemetryDownload pdf
UC Davis - CatalaseDownload pdf
UC Davis - Cholesterol ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Comparative Pathology Laboratory ServicesDownload pdf
UC Davis - Comprehensive Laboratory Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS)Download pdf
UC Davis - Corticosterone RIADownload pdf
UC Davis - Creatinine ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Digestible Energy by Bomb CalorimetryDownload pdf
UC Davis - Digestible Energy by Proximate AnalysisDownload pdf
UC Davis - Dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imagingDownload pdf
UC Davis - EchocardiographyDownload pdf
UC Davis - ElectrocardiographyDownload pdf
UC Davis - ELISA ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Endoplasmic reticulum stressDownload pdf
UC Davis - Erectile DysfunctionDownload pdf
UC Davis - Ex vivo assessment of barrier function-gut permeabilityDownload pdf
UC Davis - GenotypingDownload pdf
UC Davis - Glucose ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - GlugagonDownload pdf
UC Davis - GlutathioneDownload pdf
UC Davis - Glutathione PeroxidaseDownload pdf
UC Davis - Glutathione ReductaseDownload pdf
UC Davis - Gross Body Composition (DEXA)Download pdf
UC Davis - Gut Microbiome Analysis (454-10K reads)Download pdf
UC Davis - Gut Microbiome Analysis (454-3K reads)Download pdf
UC Davis - Gut Microbiome Analysis (Illumina-20K reads, 2X300bp)Download pdf
UC Davis - HbA1c ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - HDL ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Hydrogen PeroxideDownload pdf
UC Davis - Imaging CMGIDownload pdf
UC Davis - IN-VIVO Glucose-stimulates Insulin Secretion TestDownload pdf
UC Davis - Inflamation PathwayDownload pdf
UC Davis - Insulin signaling pathwayDownload pdf
UC Davis - Intraperitoneal Glucose Tolerance TestDownload pdf
UC Davis - Intraperitoneal Insulin Tolerance TestDownload pdf
UC Davis - Intravenous Glucose Tolerance TestDownload pdf
UC Davis - LDL ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Lipoprotein analysis by LTRSDownload pdf
UC Davis - Lipoprotein Binding Protein (LBP)-Endotoxemia AssayDownload pdf
UC Davis - Lipoprotein profiling and partical sizeDownload pdf
UC Davis - Luminex/MultiplexDownload pdf
UC Davis - Macrovascular Permeability and Lipoprotein FluxDownload pdf
UC Davis - Maximum passive stiffness (MPS)Download pdf
UC Davis - Meal Pattern AnalysisDownload pdf
UC Davis - Mesenteric ReactivityDownload pdf
UC Davis - Metabolomics: Lipidomics analysisDownload pdf
UC Davis - Metabolomics: Primary metabolites by GC-TOF MSDownload pdf
UC Davis - Metabolomics: Sample preparation for GCTOF analysisDownload pdf
UC Davis - Metabolomics: Sample preparation for LipidomicsDownload pdf
UC Davis - Microvascular Permeability and Lipoprotien FluxDownload pdf
UC Davis - Morris Water MazeDownload pdf
UC Davis - Mouse gross necropsy with histologyDownload pdf
UC Davis - Non-esterified fatty acids ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Protein CarbonylDownload pdf
UC Davis - Radial Arm Water MazeDownload pdf
UC Davis - RadioImmuno Assay (RIA) ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Running WheelDownload pdf
UC Davis - ß hydroxy butyrate ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Superoxide DismutaseDownload pdf
UC Davis - Temperature and Activity by TelemetryDownload pdf
UC Davis - Tissue TG ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Triglyceride ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Uninary Albumin Excretion (UAE) ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Urea ProtocolDownload pdf
UC Davis - Y-MazeDownload pdf
Ultracentrifugal separation of VLDL, LDL and HDLDownload pdf
Vandy - Exercise Stress TestDownload pdf
Vandy - Hyperglycemic clampDownload pdf
Vandy - Hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic ClampDownload pdf
Vandy - Hyperinsulinemic-Hypoglycemic clampDownload pdf
Vandy - Mouse Blood Pressure TelemetryDownload pdf
Vandy - Mouse EchocardiographyDownload pdf
Vandy - Mouse Myocardial InfarctionDownload pdf
Vandy - Myocardial Ischemia ReperfusionDownload pdf
Vandy - Tail-Cuff Blood PressureDownload pdf
Vandy - Transverse Aortic ConstrictionDownload pdf
Vandy – Body CompositionDownload pdf
Vandy – Energy Balance with PromethionDownload pdf
Vandy – IP glucose tolerance testDownload pdf
Vandy – Oral glucose tolerance testDownload pdf
Yale - Alanine AminotransferaseDownload pdf
Yale - Alkaline PhosphataseDownload pdf
Yale - Aspartate AminotransferaseDownload pdf
Yale - Beta hydroxybutyrate (Cobas)Download pdf
Yale - Blood AlbuminDownload pdf
Yale - Blood and Urine CreatinineDownload pdf
Yale - Blood and Urine Inorganic PhosphorousDownload pdf
Yale - Blood GlucoseDownload pdf
Yale - Blood or Urine CalciumDownload pdf
Yale - Blood Urea NitrogenDownload pdf
Yale - CholesterolDownload pdf
Yale - Creatine Kinase ActivityDownload pdf
Yale - HDL CholesterolDownload pdf
Yale - LDL CholesterolDownload pdf
Yale - MagnesiumDownload pdf
Yale - Non-Esterified Fatty AcidsDownload pdf
Yale - Tissue GlycogenDownload pdf
Yale - Total ProteinDownload pdf
Yale - TriglyceridesDownload pdf

aldehyde fuchsinDownload pdf
aldehyde fuchsin/H&EDownload pdf
Fouchet's stainDownload pdf
H&E StainingDownload pdf
Masson's trichromeDownload pdf
MOVAT Pentachrome StainingDownload pdf
Periodic acid Schiff (PAS)Download pdf
Silver MethenamineDownload pdf
U Michigan - Massons Trichrome stainingDownload pdf
U Michigan - Sirius Red stainingDownload pdf
UC Davis - H&EDownload pdf
UC Davis - Immunohistochemistry BODIPYDownload pdf
UC Davis - Immunohistochemistry Factor VIIIDownload pdf
UC Davis - Immunohistochemistry IBA1Download pdf
UC Davis - Immunohistochemistry Mitochondrial markerDownload pdf
UC Davis - Massons TrichromeDownload pdf

Determination of Podocyte Number and Density in Rodent GlomeruliDownload pdf
U Mass - Coronary Artery LigationDownload pdf
U Mass - Hind Limb IschemiaDownload pdf
U Mass - Transverse Aortic ConstrictionDownload pdf
U Michigan - Western blotDownload pdf
UC Davis - Femoral Vein CanulationDownload pdf
UC Davis - Laser Capture MicroscopyDownload pdf
UC Davis - Vertical sleeve GastrectomyDownload pdf
Vandy - Biliopancreatic Diversion in MiceDownload pdf
Vandy - Modified Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass in MiceDownload pdf
Vandy - Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in MiceDownload pdf
Vandy – Bile Diversion in MiceDownload pdf
Vandy – Chronic Catheterization of carotid artery and jugular veinDownload pdf
Vandy – Post Clamp AnesthesiaDownload pdf
Vascular perfusion of miceDownload pdf
WT-1 Staining Protocol for PodocytesDownload pdf


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