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Center Core
Metabolism, Bariatric Surgery and Behavior Core

Center University of Michigan Medical School
Description The primary goals and function of the Metabolism, Bariatric Surgery and Behavior
Core are to provide expert consultation, state-of-the art equipment and
technical services that are critical for the detailed metabolic and behavioral
phenotyping of mouse models of diabetes, obesity and associated disorders. The
Metabolism, Bariatric Surgery and Behavior Core will perform a variety of in
vivo physiological assessments encompassing glucose homeostasis (glucose
tolerance, insulin tolerance, hyperinsulinemic/euglycemic clamps), energy
homeostasis (indirect calorimetry by CLAMS, dietary challenge), ultradian
hormone secretion (Culex platform for serial biological fluid sampling from
unrestrained mice), behavioral measurements (locomotor activity, meal pattern
analysis, operant conditioning) and generation of bariatric surgery models.
Center Core RRID SCR_015354 (Link)


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