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Development of outbred CD1 mouse colonies with distinct standardized gut
microbiota profiles for use in complex microbiota targeted studies.
Authors Hart ML, Ericsson AC, Lloyd KCK, Grimsrud KN, Rogala AR, Godfrey VL, Nielsen JN,
Franklin CL
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 7/31/2018
Status Published
Journal Scientific reports
Year 2018
Date Published 7/1/2018
Volume : Pages 8 : 10107
PubMed Reference 29973630
Abstract Studies indicate that the gut microbiota (GM) can significantly influence both
local and systemic host physiologic processes. With rising concern for
optimization of experimental reproducibility and translatability, it is
essential to consider the GM in study design. However, GM profiles can vary
between rodent producers making consistency between models challenging. To
circumvent this, we developed outbred CD1 mouse colonies with stable, complex GM
profiles that can be used as donors for a variety of GM transfer techniques
including rederivation, co-housing, cross-foster, and fecal microbiota transfer
(FMT). CD1 embryos were surgically transferred into CD1 or C57BL/6 surrogate
dams that varied by GM composition and complexity to establish four separate
mouse colonies harboring GM profiles representative of contemporary mouse
producers. Using targeted 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing, subsequent female
offspring were found to have similar GM profiles to surrogate dams. Furthermore,
breeding colonies of CD1 mice with distinct GM profiles were maintained for nine
generations, demonstrating GM stability within these colonies. To confirm GM
stability, we shipped cohorts of these four colonies to collaborating
institutions and found no significant variation in GM composition. These mice
are an invaluable experimental resource that can be used to investigate GM
effects on mouse model phenotype.


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