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Center Core
P&B Core

Center University of California Davis
Description The goal of the Physiology and Behavior (P&B) Core is to advance the
understanding of behavioral manifestations and pathophysiological mechanisms and
systemic consequences of diabetes, obesity, and related metabolic disorders. The
Core provides investigators with a range of phenotyping tests and services for
the in vivo characterization of ocular, kidney, cardiovascular, and
gastrointestinal functions in mouse models of obesity and diabetes. The Core
also offers tests that allow investigators to study manifestations of peripheral
neuropathy (nociception, gait & ambulation, and wound healing), a common
complication of diabetes. Another important component of this Core is to
understand how obesity and metabolic disorders influence executive and
neurophysiological functions. For this, the Core offers a battery of behavioral
(learning, memory, sociability, and anxiety) and neuromotor (gait, ambulation,
force) tests to comprehensively interrogate the multifaceted behavioral domains.
This Core also has expertise in evaluating exercise and sleep activities. The
Core can assist investigators in all steps of the research process, from
designing experiments to analyzing and interpreting data. The Core will also
give prioritized and subsidized support, training, and consultation to
VIBRANT-eligible researchers. The Core is led by Jill L Silverman PhD and Co-led
by Louise Lanoue PhD. The Core also includes scientific consultants in
ophthalmology (Morshiri Ala MD, PhD), cardiology (Nipivan Chiamvimovat MD),
renal function (Maryam Afkarian MD, PhD) and wound healing (Scott Simon PhD).
Todd Tolentino and Jody Findley are the Core’s expert technical staff.
Center Core RRID SCR_015364 (Link)
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Louise LanoueUniversity of California
Jill SilvermannUniversity of California Davisjsilverman@ucdavis.eduDirector


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