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Metabolic measurements in wild mice
Summary Data Summary
Investigator Nachman, Michael
Description To determine whether wild mouse populations differ in metabolism related blood

The mice were provided ad libitum access to food and water throughout their
whole lives. At weaning, they were singly housed and not mated. Prior to
sampling, mice had been involved in non-invasive phenotypic assays measuring
their nest building and activity levels. Prior to sampling of blood mice were
fasted for five hours. Samples were collected via cardiac puncture immediately
after cervical dislocation. Samples were stored at -80C.

Applicable research area(s): Metabolism
Status Completed
Public Release 6/14/2018
Animal Age Measured In: week(s) post-natal (w)
Flags has-data-flagAnimal Count
Data Analysis
Experimental Conditions5
Catalog Items9
Curation Info (# flags)1
Phenotype Assays10
Phenotype Measurements360
Histology Images0

Strain NameCommon NameFemalesMalesUnknown
House Mouse

Experimental Factors
 Categorical Values
Name / AbbreviationDescription

Experimental Factor: Experimental Group

This animal belongs to the control group for the experiment.
This animal belongs to experimental group that is homozygous for gene manipulations.

Experimental Factor: Feeding Group

Animals are deprived of food but not water.

Experimental Factor: Mouse Diet

 Teklad - 2018
2018 Teklad Global 18% Protein Rodent Diet is a fixed formula, non-autoclavable diet manufactured with high quality ingredients and designed to support gestation, lactation, and growth of rodents. 2018 does not contain alfalfa, thus lowering the...

Experimental Factor: Tissue Source

Experimental Factor Values

No documents found.

Mammalian Phenotype (MP) Terms
MPTermIDMPTermNameDefinitionOther Results
MP:0000186decreased circulating HDL cholesterol level
reduced amount in the blood of the small lipoprotein:cholesterol complex that transports cholesterol out of the arteries and to the liver for reprocessing or excretion [MGI:csmith]
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MP:0001552increased circulating triglyceride level
greater concentration of naturally occurring esters of three fatty acids and glycerol in the blood; triglycerides are widespread in adipose tissue| commonly circulate in the blood in the form of lipoproteins| and are involved in the process of bidirectional transference of adipose fat and blood glucose with the liver [MGI:csmith]
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MP:0001554increased circulating free fatty acids level
higher than normal levels of the fatty acids which occur in plasma as a result of lipolysis in adipose tissue or when plasma triacyglycerols are taken into tissues [ISBN:0-683-40008-8]
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MP:0004893decreased adiponectin level
reduced concentration of a protein hormone that regulates glucose homeostasis and metabolism of lipids; it is normally produced by adipose tissue [MGI:csmith]
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MP:0005179decreased circulating cholesterol level
less than the normal amount in the blood of the principal sterol of vertebrates and the precursor of many steroids| including bile acids and steroid hormones; it is a component of the plasma membrane lipid bilayer and of plasma lipoproteins and can be found in all animal tissues [MGI:csmith]
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