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Sex differences in energy expenditure, meal patterns, and body composition in
response to short term high fat diet (4 weeks)
Summary Data Summary
Investigator Raybould, Helen
Description We are investigating sex differences in meal patterns and body composition of
diet induced mice. 15 males and 16 female C57BL/6 mice at 6 weeks of age will be
put on either a LowFat/Low Sucrose Diet or a High Fat/Low sucrose diet for 4
weeks (ad libitum fed).

Applicable research area(s): Obesity, Metabolism
Status Completed
Public Release 3/25/2021
Animal Age Measured In: week(s) post-natal (w)
Flags has-data-flagSame StrainAnimal Count
Data Analysis
Experimental Conditions2
Catalog Items1
Curation Info (# flags)2
Phenotype Assays50
Phenotype Measurements1550
Histology Images0

Strain NameCommon NameFemalesMalesUnknown

Experimental Factors
 Categorical Values
Name / AbbreviationDescription

Experimental Factor: Experimental Group

This animal belongs to the control group for the experiment.
This animal belongs to experimental group that is homozygous for gene manipulations.

Experimental Factor: Mouse Diet

 Research Diets - D14110101
Custom low fat (10% kcal) diet – dietary fiber(cellulose) matched to D14110103 20% kcal protein; 70% kcal carbohydrates; 10% kcal fat); energy density = 3.7 kcal/g
 Research Diets - D14110103
Custom high fat (45% kcal) diet- dietary fiber (cellulose) matched to D14110101 20% kcal protein; 35% kcal carbohydrate; 45% kcal fat) ; energy density = 4.5 kcal/g
Experimental Factor (Units)
Experimental Group
Mouse Diet
Experimental Factor Values

Phenotype Assays Add / Edit
body mass
W rodent
oxygen consumption (Light Period)
fat body mass
fat body mass
lean body mass
lean body mass
respiratory exchange ratio (Light Period)
bone mineral density
bone mineral content
bone area
bone area
fat tissue, %
% body fat
heat (Light Period)
oxygen consumption (Dark Period)
carbon dioxide production Light Period
carbon dioxide production Dark Period
respiratory exchange ratio (Dark Period)
heat (Dark Period)
carbon dioxide production
oxygen consumption
respiratory exchange ratio
energy intake (Light Period)
food intake - light
food intake (Dark Period)
food intake - dark
energy intake (avg 24 hr)
energy intake avg 24
energy intake (Ligth Period)
energy intake -light
energy intake (Dark Period)
energy intake - dark
Activity 24h (total x-axis)
Activity 24h total x
Activity 24h (x-ambulatory)
Activity 24h (x-amb)
Activity 24h (total vertical z-axis)
Activity 24h total z
tissue area
tissue area
total tissue mass
heat (24hr)
heat - 24h
meal duration (Avg) - Active Eating Time
avg meal dur AET
meal size (Avg)
avg meal size
meals, number
num meals
inter-meal interval, average
avg IMI
meal duration (total)
total meal duration
satiety ratio
satiety ratio
eating rate, average
avg eating rate
meal duration, average light
avg light-meal dur
meal duration, average dark
avg dark-meal dur
meal size, average light
avg light-meal size
meal size, average dark
avg dark-meal size
inter-meal interval, average light
avg light-IMI
inter-meal interval, average dark
avg dark-IMI
meals, number light
light-num meals
meals, number dark
dark-num meals
satiety ratio, light
light-satiety ratio
satiety ratio, dark
dark-satiety ratio
eating rate, light
light-eating rate
eating rate, dark
dark-eating rate
food intake
food intake

No documents found.

Mammalian Phenotype (MP) Terms
MPTermIDMPTermNameDefinitionOther Results
general restlessness or excessive movement; more frequent movement from one place to another or having an increased state of activity [ISBN:0-683-40008-8]
MMPC Search Results
MP:0008963increased carbon dioxide production
increase in the rate at which carbon dioxide leaves the blood and enters the alveolar gas [MGI:csmith]
MMPC Search Results
MP:0010378increased respiratory quotient
increase in the ratio of the volume of carbon dioxide released to oxygen consumed by a body tissue or an organism compared to controls [MGI:csmith]
MMPC Search Results
MP:0010967increased compact bone area
increase in the total amount of cross-sectional area of compact bone tissue [MGI:csmith]
MMPC Search Results
MP:0011939increased food intake
increase in the total number of calories/food amount taken in over time when compared to the normal state [MGI:csmith]
MMPC Search Results
MP:0011940decreased food intake
reduction in the total number of calories or food amount taken in over time when compared to the normal state [MGI:csmith]
MMPC Search Results
MP:0011945increased eating frequency
increase in the number of discrete instances of initiation of eating over time| regardless of amount eaten [MGI:csmith]
MMPC Search Results
MP:0011946decreased eating frequency
reduction in the number of discrete instances of initiation of eating over time| regardless of amount eaten [MGI:csmith]
MMPC Search Results
MP:0012343increased gnawing activity
increased biting or chewing on something []
MMPC Search Results


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