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C57BL/6-Kcnj13tm1a(KOMP)Wtsi Tg(Mc4r-Cre)25Rck

Summary Data Summary
Official Name C57BL/6-Kcnj13tm1a(KOMP)Wtsi Tg(Mc4r-Cre)25Rck
Common Name C57BL/6-Kcnj13tm1a(KOMP)Wtsi Tg(Mc4r-Cre)
Description The L1L2_Bact_P cassette was inserted at position 87389830
of Chromosome 1 upstream of the critical exon(s) (Build
GRCm38). The cassette is composed of an FRT site followed by
lacZ sequence and a loxP site. This first loxP site is
followed by neomycin under the control of the human
beta-actin promoter, SV40 polyA, a second FRT site and a
second loxP site. A third loxP site is inserted downstream
of the targeted exon(s) at position 87388688. The critical
exon(s) is/are thus flanked by loxP sites. A "conditional
ready" (floxed) allele was then created by crossing with a
flp recombinase expressing mouse carrying this allele.
Subsequent cre expression results in a knockout mouse. For
this strain, the floxed Kcnj13 tm1a strain was crossed with
a mouse strain where the Mc4r promoter drives the Cre gene.
Development Status Phenotyping ongoing
Creation Method knockout
Background C57BL/6
Breeding Type intercross
Investigators 1
Genomics - Modifications 1
Genomics - Transgenes 1
Experiments 3

Richard SimerlyVanderbilt University

Genomic Information
GeneAllele 1Allele 2Protocol
Kcnj13knockin (lox)knockin (lox)Not Specified
Not SpecifiedMc4rCRENot Specified


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